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Research and Development

Veera is committed to in-depth product and market research carried out by a team of specialists with huge industry expertise. Over the years, our research & development wing has developed the distinctive expertise to estimate the market willingness and emotional charm of various client consumers and track people’s preferences to create the appropriate natural fragrances and flavours, that provide consumer goods with unique identities and distinctive marketing points.


Our team comprises creative perfumers, who work perpetually to produce not only fresh but also innovative fragrances; and extremely qualified quality control analysts, who help make our work superior and the best. We try to produce our employees with the information, tools, and skills required to attain excellence in client satisfaction and
impressive business performance. Presently, we have GC, GCMS (Agilent), and different sophisticated instruments for providing support to our R&D and maintaining Quality. Our science and technology inputs have provided substantial value addition to the splendid world of fragrance and flavour.

This mix of creativity and deliverability made us work towards new avenues and horizons that made us perceive the fresh trends and tastes enabling us to attain quicker growth. Our success is marked by gaining bigger clients and turning into a part of many consumer-friendly products like soaps, shampoos, detergents, and personal care cosmetics. Constant up-gradation of skills and techniques has enabled us to satisfy and
exceed clients’ expectations each time and earned us accolades within the national and international market. We also boast of over 2000 formulations that are used in numerous industries including toiletries, personal care cosmetics, softeners, detergents, and oral care.

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